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Giovanni Maria Farinella obtained the degree in Computer Science (egregia cum laude) from the University of Catania, Italy, in 2004. He joined as Internal Member of the IPLAB Research Group at University of Catania in 2005. He also became an Associate Member of the Computer Vision and Robotics Research Group at University of Cambridge in 2006. He was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Vision) from the University of Catania in 2008. He is currently a Researcher at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Catania, Italy. His research interests lie in the fields of Computer Vision, Image Analysis, Computer Graphics, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Giovanni Maria Farinella founded (in 2006) and currently directs the International Computer Vision Summer School.

For more information please visit the personal website:

Computer Vision Course at Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania (Prof. G. M. Farinella)

Computer vision is the science and technology of making machines that see. It is concerned with the theory, design and implementation of algorithms  that can automatically process visual data to fully understand and  reconstruct the scene, recognize objects, track and recover their shape and spatial layout.

For many years, the development of computer vision systems has been considered an exclusive domain for computer scientists and engineers working in the research area of image and signal processing, video analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Recently, the growing number of novel and advanced computer vision tools, the new programing languages, the low cost of harware with high-performances, as well as the increasing of open-source-code-sharing communities, have allowed a widespread experimentation of computer vision techniques in the context of technological arts.

Computer Vision has become hence one of the most important discipline in the Arts courses world-wide. It allows a new natural and tecnological way to interact between users, arts and artists. With the new computer vision technologies the users can experience the arts becaming part of it. Artists can create  innovative and interactive places who automatically sense the users presence and drive them in creating new digital arts products.

The focus of the Computer Vision course at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania is to train a new generation of young tecnological artists to being able to exploit contemporary programming languages, state-of-the-art tools and advanced hardware to produce novel types of arts.

The course will contain a combination of in-depth tutorial-style lectures on fundamental computer vision concepts,  followed by accessible (yet advanced) programming lectures using examples and applications.

Moreover, laboratory sections with a series of guided experiments will allow students to put into practice the learned concepts during the course in order to exploit them to create new artistic products for their final projects.



03. Dic. 2014

Esami Computer Vision - 11 Dicembre 2014

Avviso per gli studenti Si comunica che gli esami di giorno 11 Dicembre 2014 avrenno luogo presso la sede di reclusorio a partire dalle ore 11:00.  

20. Ago. 2014

Esami Computer Vision

Si avvisano gli studenti che gli esami della materia Computer Vision si terranno giorno 15 Settembre alle ore 15:00 a Reclusorio.